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Amazing Bed named the official recovery bed of the NFL's St Louis Rams.

The St Louis Rams recently opened a new recovery room at their training facility.

The training staff was very excited to make the Amazing Bed M.O.D. part of this new amenity for their players.

Deep Tissue massage, in the comfort of your own bed. Though it has long been thought that there was no practical way to do so, we've patented a method for discretely placing six independently controllable deep tissue massage mechanisms in a premium memory foam mattress. Truly one of the most significant developments in home comfort in years, unlike anything you've ever experienced. Contact our sales staff today at to learn more.


Now available, a new touchscreen control system with an intuitive wireless tablet interface.

Click here to learn more about available control options. Retrofit kits are available for earlier bed models as well. Contact our sales staff today to learn more.

Amazing in so many ways...

Exceptional Comfort, While many rave about its deep tissue massage capabilities, they are equally impressed by the comfort of the Amazing Bed mattress.

You have full control, The Amazing Bed gives you full control of a powerful and effective, fully customizable massage experience.

At home in any home, The Amazing Bed was developed to blend seamlessly with any decor, fitting most standard bed frames

Unlike any other, The Amazing Bed is no ordinary bed. Arguably one of the greatest bedroom innovations in decades.

Also available in finer Hotels

The Amazing Bed offers a significant and highly tangible upgrade available for the Hospitality industry.

There simply have not been any meaningful and innovative Hospitality upgrades available to Hotels for a number of years. Hotels have largely been required to compete only on price, location and bundling of existing services and technologies.

There have been several automated/mechanized features, but no true comfort enhancing improvements/upgrades to address the sleeping experience itself. At the end of the day, when the lights go out, there is nothing new and available to improve the basic “good night’s sleep”. There has been no opportunity for the Hospitality industry to dramatically improve the fundamental and primary reason for a Hotel stay.

Amazing Bed FAQ's

I’ve always been told “You can’t put a deep tissue massager in a bed you need to sleep in”. Is there a space where the massager goes?

Is the Amazing Bed really as comfortable other premium mattresses?

Can I buy an Amazing Bed mattress and add a massager later?

Can I still flip the mattress with an Amazing bed?

Can I use the Amazing Bed while there is somebody sleeping next to me?

What is “go to sleep” mode?

answers to these questions and more...

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